How It Works

What is a Payday Cash Advance?

A payday cash advance is a method in which people go about securing short term cash. A payday cash advance is generally for a small amount ($100 - $500) and is normally paid back within a couple of weeks. Our fee's are normally less expensive than a return check or paying late fee's for your rent, and certainly more convenient than having your utilities cut off.

You will be pre-approved if you meet these simple requirements:

What do I need to do?

What will Rapid Cash, LLC do?

Do you check my credit?

Rapid Cash does not utilize the services of any of the major credit bureaus. However we do use various services such as Teletrack, ClVerify and Scan that shares data between payday lenders. We may at our discretion also use Teletrack to view your check writing history.

When will I get the money?

If you get the documents to us promptly, you could receive your cash advance the same day.

How much do I have to pay back?

Our fee's are the lowest available, as low as $11 for a $100 cash advance or 10% plus $1. Your fee will be based upon the amount of money you borrow. There is an APR Disclosure on the application form that will explain the fees that apply to your specific cash advance request. You may also click here to see a chart of the fees and annual percentage rate of our payday loans.

How do I repay my cash advance and when is it due?

Your cash advance is due on the agreement due date, which is typically your next pay date. You may pay your advance at any of our locations or we will debit or ACH your checking account on the due date for the full amount