Our Customers

Rapid Cash Advance services customers who are underserviced by traditional banks. Most of these customers are low to moderate income, and banks either can't service them or won't service them.
In a customer satisfaction survey conducted by the Financial Services Centers of America organization customers were polled on a number of items findings included:

  • Over half (58%) have either a checking or saving account at a bank or credit union
  • On average, customers relied on 2-3 different financial products
  • Overall customer satisfaction is very high
    • 92% of respondents rated the overall value for the money of products and services as either 'excellent,' 'very good,' or 'good.'
    • 95% of respondents rated overall quality of services received as 'excellent,' 'very good,' or 'good.'
    • 64% cited convenient locations as the primary reason they use a financial services store versus a bank; 37% cites better hours; 34% cite better service and 18% cite lower fees
    • 63% have patronized the same location for at least one year, with 21% returning to that location for five years or more