The Franchise

As a Rapid Cash Advance franchisee you are part of a family of financial centers that ensure that you have the benefits of being in business by yourself, without having to be in business by yourself. Our industry experience provides you with a team of experienced leaders that are here to assist you every step of the way.

Government Regulations: As an alternative lender, Rapid Cash Advance is regulated by the Federal and State governments as a means of protecting their citizens. We teach you what the compliance requirements are, how to be ready for an inspection and how to utilize our software to ensure you are complying with all the regulations.

Site Selection: Rapid Cash Advance store services are geared toward the working class who utilize our services and who are underserved by traditional banking. We assist you with identifying potential markets, negotiating your lease, selecting your contractor for building out the store.

Marketing: Whether you are the only financial center on the block or one of many, how you market may be the difference between a successful location and one that underperforms. But it takes more than just spending money on advertising it takes a focused and intentional marketing plan like the one the we utilize in our corporate and franchise locations. Our marketing program takes you through each step from your Grand Opening to ongoing marketing to customer retention.

Daily Operations: Providing helpful and friendly customer service is a key component to your stores success. This relationship can often be the difference between a customer who pays regularly and one who pays late. Learn our techniques for gaining and retaining your customers, as well as how to deal with those who pay slow.

We make the complicated simple, so that you can operate your own Rapid Cash Advance location, regardless of whether you have any previous financial experience.